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Судьба "племянника Молотова"

Уважаемые камрады.
Я занимаюсь изучением Демянской десантной операции марта-апреля 1942 года. Даже книжку написал по ним. "Десантура сорок второго" В марте выйдет. Но дело не в этом.
Известно, что в одной из бригад (1МВДБР) воевал старшина Кокорин, выдавший себя в плену за племянника Молотова.
И вот, приходит мне письмо из Италии. Некий учитель истории Вальтер Музиза интересуется судьбой Кокорина - "Молотова"
Привожу здесь последнее его письмо:

Dear Iwakin thanks for providing me with the text of your book and congratulations! Thanks also to reciprocate the good wishes! Happy 2010!
I translated the Cyrillic with the computer all the text of your book: Some things I understand, others not, because the computer translates pretty bad ... interesting to me throughout the last part where they speak Demjamsk operation.
What interests me above all the figure of Kokorin and I followed his adventures through the German concentration camps until liberation by the lake Braies in Italy, not far from the city of Belluno and Bolzano, with the work of Italian partisans. Of 139 hostages still held by the Nazis, he was the only one who agreed to be taken away by the partisans instead of waiting for the imminent arrival of the Americans. He was taken to Belluno, then to Rome, then to Bari and finally reached Moscow, where he was imprisoned and executed in 1952.
1) Because he wanted at all costs to return home? Was fellow prisoner of Yakov Stalin was referring to something directly to Stalin about the circumstances of his death to Sachenshausen? He wanted to prove that they did not spy for the Nazis?
2) In Russia, the scholars thought it was really the grandson of Molotov or not?
3) Do you know any scholar who has worked on Kokorin? I know only the article of Reshin (2000-06-09 / Леонид Решин, Андрей Почтарев 2000/06/09 / Leonid Reshin, Andrew Pochtarev and he  dont cites the sources from which he derived the news. I know the book of Irish Thomas Cushing (Soldier for Hire), but speaks only of imprisonment together under the Nazis: they know nothing of the fate of Kokorin.
4) Do not know if Molotov (who died a short time ago!) Had children (Greg) or grandchildren?
5) Your idea is that Kokorin was a liar or not?
6) Have you ever seen a picture of Kokorin?
7) I am a scholar of World War I 1914-18, but I take care of everything as a journalist covering the Cadore, a small Italian mountain area in the Dolomite Mountains (near Cortina d'Ampezzo). I would be happy to submit your book with some items taking the cue from the figure of Kokorin: We could do an interview with the distance! What?
8) from the archive Braies Lake Hotel where they were released the 139 hostages (including Kokorin) in 1945 there are some documents bearing the signature of Kokorin. That period of life Kokorin is the book by Hans-Gunter Richardi dedicated to the adventures of the hostages, written in Italian and in German.
9) But no one (in Europe) knows the fate of Kokorin repatriates, many gave him even dead in our mountains because of the cold after being released by Italian partisans (Brigade "Calvi")! I talked a bit 'of him in an exhibition on the family Stauffenberg.
10) Are you interested in a collaboration to do a study on the matter with me Kokorin? I write about newspapers but also on cultural magazines and newspapers in the province of Belluno (Veneto - Italy), even though I live about 150 miles away, in Gorizia (Friuli Venezia Giulia on the border with Slovenia).
11) You refer to the fact that the Russian archives are still secret, but how did Reshin to know the interrogations Kokorin the Lubyanka prison?
12) I am very interested in news about the discovery of remains of Italian soldiers on Russian soil!
I have no hurry and you can respond calmly: I will be away for a few days! 'll Go in romantic Venice to celebrate the New Year with some relatives!
Meanwhile pleasure to have you known and best regards!

Камрады есть у кого подробная информация по судьбе старшины Кокорина? Если есть - пишите в личку.


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