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Предмодерн (Early Modern)

Index Librorum

Geoffrey А. Parker

редактор “The Times Atlas of World History”

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Sir John H. Elliott

  • Spain and Its World, 1500-1700: Selected Essays
  • The Count-Duke of Olivares: The Statesman in an Age of Decline
  • The Revolt of the Catalans: A Study in the Decline of Spain (1598-1640)
  • Richelieu and Olivares
  • The Old World and the New 1492-1650
  • The Sale of the Century: Artistic Relations between Spain and Great Britain, 1604–1655
  • Empires of the Atlantic World : Britain and Spain in America 1492-1830
  • Spain, Europe and the Wider World 1500-1800
  • The World of the Favourite

image image image

R.J.W. Evans

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Robert I. Frost

Sir John Rigby Hale

Norman Davies

Pierre Chaunu

  • Le civilisation de l'Europe classique

Jan De Vries

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